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Rocko Meats...

Rocko Meats

Since 1985, We deliever...
District of Columbia
West Virginia


Homemade Sausauge

Homemade Sausage

Our receipe since 1950.
Try our Italian
Hot or Mild
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Beef, Pork, Chicken, Ducks

For over 30 years Rocko Meats has been delievering specialty meats.
Hand trimmed Pork Butts
Flank Steak
Our Homemade Sausage
Fresh Chickens
Long Island Ducks
and so much more...

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Whole Chicken


New York Strip Steaks


Peking Duck


Pork Butts

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Your Supplier for the freshest Meats

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Beef,  Pork,  Chicken,  Ducks,  Eggs, Lamb...

Brands... Beef - National, Swift.   Chicken - Mountaire.  Pork - Daiseyfield, IBP.  Ducks - Jurgelewicz