Rocko Meats

Serving over 700 Restaurants for over 30 years.

Selections of Fresh Cuts meats for any Situation...



New York Strip



Pork Loin



Fresh Chicken.

Rocko Meats...

Rocko Meats

Since 1985, We deliever...
District of Columbia
West Virginia


Homemade Sausauge

Homemade Sausage

Our receipe since 1950.
Try our Italian
Hot or Mild
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Beef, Pork, Chicken, Ducks

For over 30 years Rocko Meats has been delievering specialty meats.
Hand trimmed Pork Butts
Flank Steak
Our Homemade Sausage
Fresh Chickens
Long Island Ducks
and so much more...

Rocko Meats Food Selection 


Choose from our line of fine products

* Chicken

* Hand trimmed Pork Butts

* Variety of Ducks

* Finest Selection of Beef

* Freshest Eggs

* Our Original Recipe Homemade Sausage

* Fresh Lamb

* Fresh Eggs

* Top Round

* Ground Beef

* A wide selection of Poultry























whole steaks pd1  

Whole Chicken


New York Strip Steaks


Peking Duck


Pork Butts

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Your Supplier for the freshest Meats

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Beef,  Pork,  Chicken,  Ducks,  Eggs, Lamb...

Brands... Beef - National, Swift.   Chicken - Mountaire.  Pork - Daiseyfield, IBP.  Ducks - Jurgelewicz